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Water Lily

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Digital file can be downloaded, printed for personal use, not for commercial use, not a physical item. The file is suitable for max 60 x 90 cm prints, if you need a specific ratio or size please send me a text and I will gladly do it.

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The water lily theme was featured on a lot of prestigious magazines:



The contrasting concept has occurred a lot in photography, which is a state of being different from something else. In photography, the contrast can be the difference between tones and colors, between people and nature. This contrast concept can be easily found in the water lily subject in the Vietnam landscape, which attracts many Vietnamese photographers to take these shots.  

Fortunately, this Water Lily photo took a moment of contrast between the dark color of water and the purple-pink color of the water lily flower, between the calmness of the river and the joyfulness of farmers in the early morning. Those contrasts have a myriad impact on the mood and tone which generate the spirit of the photos.

Water lily or Nymphaea Lotus is used in ancient Egypt, as a symbol of good health, sex, and re-birth. In Mekong Delta, Water lily is meaningful to farmers, it can be used as home décor, cooked for hot pot dishes, or extracted for medical treatment.

Annually, the water lily is collected from early September to mid-November in Long An province which is a magnificent place for this flower to grow and bloom. During this time, like other rivers in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta, the river in Long An has a higher level of water than the normal, so-called flood season. This is also the peak season for residents in Long An to catch fish, crabs, shrimp and get extraordinary fertility for agriculture. 

Be Joyful.