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2 Beautiful Vietnam Landscape in the south must visit

Author Vo Thi Giang

This article introduce Mang Thit Porty Village and Nam Cuong Sand Hill. Both are Vietnam landscape in the south of country. They have a gorgeous beauty and satisfy every sightseers

Mang Thit Pottery Village

This picture captures the Vietnam landscape in daily life that is idyllic but fascinating from the above view. Mang Thit has successfully drawn a large number of visitors to its pottery village. It is located on the outskirts of the region. There are a large number of towering brick kilns that try to poke out of the palm trees. The scene makes you feel like you are among the stupas of Angkor Wat. Since it is a wonderful place to enjoy this spectacular Vietnam landscape beauty. 

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Mang Thit Pottery Village - Vietnam Landscape

This pottery village has run for 20 years along the Co Chien River from Long Ho District to Mang Thit District. When you arrive at the red ceramics, you will see it with white smoke floating in the air. Vinh Long’s ceramic products are highly favored not just because of their delicate shapes but also their exotic color of pink. This shade naturally makes them different from other ceramics in other areas. 

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Vietnam Landscape in the south must visit by Pham Huy Trung

The local artisans have taken the red clay on the bank of the Co Chien River and turned them all into artistic pottery for over one century. Mang Thit is known as the biggest region specializing in creating bricks and tiles in the Cuu Long River delta, Viet Nam. 

Nam Cuong Sand Hill

The second Vietnam landscape is Nam Cuong sand hill. It belongs to the Tuan Tu village of Cham’s ethnic, An Hai commune, Ninh Phuoc district, Ninh Thuan. Nam Cuong dune is surrounded by mountains, seas and villages, making it a lively scene. Notably, it has a rare red color. The sand dunes in Ninh Thuan are capable of self-displacement, creating amazing phenomena. It changes its appearance every hour, every day. Specifically, many layers of sand queued up, overwhelming their sight as a talented placement work of the country of sun and wind.

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Vietnam landscape - Nam Cuong Sand Hill by Pham Huy Trung

The best time to take beautiful Vietnam landscape photos at Nam Cuong sand dune is in the early morning or late afternoon. Since, at this time the light radiation makes the dune’s red colouration more prominent. You also can contemplate the sand dunes is at dawn with sunshine spreads on sandy grassland.

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Beautiful Vietnam Landscape

One of the interesting things of Nam Cuong sand hill is the continuous and surprisingly fast transformation of sand dunes on a windy day. The sand here looks like smooth silk pieces, sheep are looming beside streams, or flowers of cactus bushes are blooming out with a lot of colors… All of these create wild beauty but equally romantic for this landscape

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Beautiful Vietnam Landscape in the south must visit
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