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Trang An Landscape 3

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Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 2014.
“Trang An is an outstanding locale within Southeast Asia, for demonstrating the way early humans interacted with the natural landscape and adapted to major changes in climatic, geographical, and environmental conditions over a period of more than 30,000 years.
Trang An is of global significance as an outstanding humid tropical tower-karst landscape in the final stages of geomorphic evolution. It is composed of a variety of classical karst cones and towers and a network of enclosed depressions connected by an intricate system of subterranean waterways, some of which are navigable by small boats. The blend of towering mountains draped in the natural rainforest, with large internal basins and narrow cave passages containing quietly flowing waters, creates an extraordinarily beautiful and tranquil landscape.” UNESCO