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The fishing Net

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Aerial view of anchovies fishing net in Phu  Yen province, Vietnam.

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Photo award as Winner in Hipa Drone contest in 01/2020. 

It seems that Vietnamese picture’s dominant color is green which is between blue and yellow on the gamut. In fact, it is a secondary color created by mixing these two colors together. The blue made people think about the color of the sea bringing a realm of peace and tranquility. The ocean beauty is magically colorful which is affected by the clouds, sky and light. Whenever yellow is mentioned, everyone almost remembers the color of sunshine. In many cultures, yellow is the symbol of happiness and warmth. Since dusk appears, a streak of sunlight is magical, dreamy, romantic, and overwhelmingly attractive. There are a lot of fishermen who want to cling to them to avoid the darkness of the night which pours space. 

Meanwhile, the blue color of the sea and the yellow of the sun create a green color which is the main theme of the fine art photography. Green is considered the color of the natural world. There is a close relationship between nature and green which is a major related environmental symbol. Therefore, green has a strong association with tranquility and renewal. Moreover, the green color also positively impacts psychology which represents fertility and harmony

Perhaps, as the twilight fades, we see ourselves slowing down. That moment is impossible to express in words. It could be the beat of life that allows us to enjoy the moment that is happening or it could be the instant we realize there are many things that haven’t been said. If we see the result as a piece of perfect music, the process would be a different note that has ups and downs. Every moment recorded by this Vietnam landscape photo is a journey on the exploration of the sea. 

Human stature is diminutive since facing the vast and wide ocean. However, the human image is a standing-out point that is the central attention of the whole art photography. A net is stretched out to cover the sea as a desire to rise up in the life of fishermen. The large net is released into the ocean which is the same as a big flower blooming. It is enthused by the abstract of a warm and bountiful life which is nurtured, protected by mother nature - the sea. 

The fisherman considers the ocean as a great mother who gives them sources of food for their survival and growing up. It could be said that this Vietnam picture does not only show the spirit of enthusiasm for work but also the appreciable gratitude of the fisherman to mother nature. The image of a boat at the time night falls is a romantic and poetic beauty that is described by the fertile rich ocean with the school of winding fish. 

On the other hand, the boundless space of the ocean's surface makes us feel about its magnanimity and strength. The most prominent detail of the Vietnamese landscape is the fisherman's image. During the journey of work, the fisherman has conquested unpredictability and challenges of the ocean so their stature becomes great, magnificent with the inner beauty and endogenous power. A fisherman whose strength and bravery characteristic is willing to put to the sea. At the same time, they run their mind for a strategic plan to gain a bountiful harvest. As a result, it’s a vibrant, exciting and passionate atmosphere of labor beauty on the vast ocean that is captured by a photographer in Vietnam.

It’s obvious that the fishman controls their expedition on the ocean as if they master their life in the way of indeterminacy, floating life. Humans have enjoyed the natural exploration journey due to their confident, enthusiastic working spirit that has shown through Vietnamese photographer's artwork. The fisherman’s beauty is expressed through their fondness and respect for nature - the ocean which is regarded as a mother that provides them with a wealthy life. 

The picture of Phu Yen landscape has a harmonious combination between the ocean and humans which makes a landscape photography print more soulful. The more immersed you are, the more wonderful you feel about the Vietnam picture. It is a pride of Viet Nam beauty when introducing the Vietnam landscape at Hipa Drone contest in 01/2020.