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Flower on the sea

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Anchovies fishing net on the sea viewed from aerial

Photo shortlisted in Sony World Photo Award 2019, 2nd Prize in National Award

Photo selected on Daily Dozen of National Geographic Yourshot and Printed on Natgeo Magazine 03/2019.

The Vietnamese fishing picture expresses the working progress of fishermen that is toilful and crabwise. Fishermen were enthusiastic about their work in the middle of the majestic ocean. 

The ship sails out to the sea when the sky is dark and looks mysteriously. It is illuminated by a glimmer of twinkling lights which is emitted from the boat to signal. At the beginning of the en-route, the hum of ship engines along with the ebbing waves create the feeling of wobble for people who are watching or the first to enjoy. Meanwhile, our “artists” concentrate on acoustics instead of eyesight. 

It’s a fact that real seasoned players have to steer the ship in the right direction while being hectic for letting down the nets for a catch in the next rounds. Fishermen cannot draw up the net right away because the “moment” is a crucial point. It’s vital to coordinate activities rhythmically because a miss is as good as a mile. 

There is a challenge to capture the moment of anchovy fishing with Phu Yen photography because harvesting happens in a flash. Besides, the fishing net is excessively big and it’s not produced for creating patterns. 

The fine art photography shows the overwhelming enthusiastic working spirit of the fishermen. It is teamwork including lighting the lights, controlling the boat, pulling the net in rhythm. Just like that, labor beauty expresses in a bustling and dashing way within a Vietnam landscape photo. 

The beauty of Vietnamese landscape scenery in a picture is an attractive thing. Hon Yen is surrounded by the Phu Yen seascape, also known as a home of marine species. The emerald green crystal color and purest of the sea have adorned the beauty of the Vietnam landscape artwork

“Flowers On The Sea” records the simple and idyllic beauty of working and Vietnam landscape nature. It is hopeful that every time art connoisseurs appreciably enjoy this picture they could be conscious of the breath of the sea and be the main characters of Hon Yen photography. Moreover, it’s a pride of a Vietnamese photographer to introduce Vietnamese images to the world’s fine art photography at Sony World Photography.