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Photographer based in Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam
Mainly focus on daily life and landscape photos 
- Sony world photo award 2018: 1st in national award, commend in Travel category 
- Sony world photo award 2019: 2nd in national award, shortlist in travel category
- Sony world photo award 2020: Shortlist in travel category 
- Skypixel photo contest 2017: 1st in landscape category
- Skypixel photo contest 2018: 1st in sport category
- Siena photo contest 2018/2019/2020: Honorable Mention in Adventure category
- 35Award 2018: 1st in Drone category/ 2nd in Top photographers in Vietnam
- 35Award 2019: 1st in Motion category/ 1st in Top photographers in Vietnam
- 35Award 2020: 1st in Drone category
- Hipa Drone Photo Contest 01/2021: Winner
- Dronestagram photo award 2019: 2nd prize
- Siena Drone Photo Award 2021: 1st /People 
- FIAP/PSA/IAAP medals in many world-wide photo contests
- 34 Photos Published in National Geographic YourShot and Magazine
- All about Photo awards 2020: Shortlisted