The Best Fine Art Photography Awards in 2022

The Best Fine Art Photography Awards in 2022

Fine Art Photography is widely known as a reflection of a photographer's imagination. He can use any category of the photo to exhibit his passion such as travel, landscape, or even food. While documentary photography showed the characteristics or context of the model, Fine Art Photography mainly focuses on the ideal of photographers.

Therefore, many photo world awards featured Fine Art Photography as a way to show their creativity and passion for photography. There are some major international awards in 2022 as follows:

1. Fine Art Photography Awards (FAPA)

The FAPA conducts an annual competition for professional and amateur photographers. Annually, the FAPA's mission is to celebrate fine art photography and to discover emerging talent from around the world. In this year’s 2021 - 2022 edition, the Fine Art Photography Awards received 5277 entries from around the world.

Image: Pham Huy Trung

This photo won Third Place in Travel Category, Professional, Fine Art Photography Award 2022.

Pham Huy Trung - Vietnamese Photographer took this photo at a fishing village in Phu Yen province. Every day, dozens of fishermen gathered near the sea to catch fish with nets and spears. They were not only skilled workers but also artists with rich skills.

In this picture, they are using their hands and arms to move the net very far to the board. The net is very dynamic and full of power, it looks like they are drawing a picture on the sea surface.


2. All-About-Photo Awards (AAP) - One of the Best Fine Art Photography Awards


Image: Marcus Yam

This photo was awarded as 1st Place Winner, Photographer of the Year , All-About-Photo Awards 2022.

However, the difference between documentary photography and fine art photography is blurry. This photo can be documentary photography that presents "A soldier surveys the terrain out of the window of a UH-60 Black Hawk during a resupply flight toward an outpost in the Shah Wali Kot district north of Kandahar, Afghanistan, on May 6, 2021". On the other hand, it can be fine art photography which is more about the artist's personal expression.

3. International Photo Awards (IPA)


Image: Dmitriy Ryabov

This photo won 1st Place Winner, Analog/Film/Fine Art , International Photography Awards 2022.

Similarly, this photo expressed a broken heart of a man looking at other man proposing his girl. Quietly and Depressedly.

4. Sony World Photography Awards

Image: Adam Ferguson

This photo won as the Winner, Photographer of the Year , Professional Competition, Portraiture, Sony World Photography Awards 2022.

"This is one of a series of self-portraits of migrants in Mexico, as they wait to cross the border into the United States. The life of a migrant at the border, waiting for the right moment to cross into the United States, is often in flux. To capture a piece of this uncertain journey, I mounted a medium format camera on a tripod with a cable release and then stepped back, allowing the migrants to choose the moment of capture and give them agency in the process of documenting their lives."

5. 35awards - A Fine Art Photography awards

35awards is a major international award created in 2015 by the creators of the professional photo community. The 1st 35award attracted about 36 thousand people from 110 countries. The 7th announced the winner in 2022 received more than 471 thousand photos of over 124 thousand people from 143 countries.

Image: Malgorzata Sulewska-Czarnecka

This photo won 1st Place Winner, Child Portrait , 35Awards 2022.

A girl with flower and a smile are symbol of ignorance and childhood of life. This photo just is simple as it is but very beautiful in the heart of art lovers.

6. Siena International Photo Awards

Siena International Photo awards (SIPA contest) is a photography competition for professional, amateur and student photographers. It connects people from all over the world who are passionate not only about photography, but global connection, cultural exchange and art as a catalyst for change.

Image: Shirley Wung

This photo won 1st classified, Beauty of Nature, Siena International Photo Awards 2022.

"A mountain path in the middle of a forest is illuminated by a multitude of "sparkling" fireflies that give the landscape a fairy-tale atmosphere. Their bioluminescence is part of the mating ritual. Unfortunately, pollution hinders the reproduction of fireflies, and it is increasingly difficult to see shows like this one"

To summary

In summary, fine art photography gradually plays an important role in the development of modern arts. The amazing ideals of photographers are daily shown in the images with new concepts, new patterns, and new people which make our life more meaningful and mindful.

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